I don’t care who you are, or how far along your fitness journey you’ve gone; we’ve all doubted ourselves.

We’ve all at some point told ourselves that we didn’t have what it takes.

That no matter what we did or how well we did it we could not succeed.

Well, instead of me telling you nicely that you do have what it takes, I’m going to start by assuming that you have the world’s worst genetics. Why? Because I don’t personally know you. And I don’t want you to use that as an excuse for why you think you couldn’t succeed.

I’m going to show you then in detail why, despite the worst genetics:

• Becoming fit is still attainable

• Others who have also lost the genetic lottery have also succeeded at this fitness thing

• It does not logically follow that poor genetics equals no or impossible results

I will systematically break apart the silly, illogical, disempowering idea that you can’t out-train or out-eat bad genetics by proving it wrong using evidence, data and good ol’ logic.

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I hope this frees you to give yourself a chance to succeed. If you need a helping hand, please send a text or call us at (908) 341 – 0232 to book a free No Sweat Intro Consultation. As the Head Coach, I’ll sit down with you and reassure you that even with unideal genetics, you can and will much make progress if only, again, you try. Talk soon! Coach B.



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