“Are You The Last Person You Take Care of?” | Interview with Haven Client Jasmin

Have you ever felt as if you were losing yourself, caught in the day to day of family, work – putting yourself last?

Told by your doctor news you were shocked to hear?

Getting new pains and aches you never had before, sizing up in jeans and not understanding how it got this bad? Are you the last person you take care of?

Here’s our client Jasmin relating her own struggles, why she sought out professional coaches to help her on her journey, and how she’s achieving her dreams by carving out time for herself as a busy insurance rep., mother of 4 and partner.

Listen to her journey of becoming her best self, how she jumped into the pool and rescued her daughter, and how she feels fitter, happier, leaner and healthier in her 30’s than in her 20’s.

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