GRAB YOUR SPOT IN THE 6 WEEK 15-20LBS Fall Fat Furnace ®

(Succeed Even if Nothing Worked Before and Without Having to Give Up Your Favorite Foods or Waste Hours in the Gym)

How it works


Sign up for your transformation

Book a call with transformation expert Head Coach Bismark and see if the 6 Week Fall Fat Furnace® is right for you.


Come to orientation

Meet your team of coaches, get your measurements and photos taken, and receive your plans.


See Results

Compare your results from start to finish, celebrate 15-20lbs lost and make a gameplan for the future.

From the Founder

Hi, my name is Bismark Montiel, Founder and Head Coach at Haven Gym.

At 14 I was 108lbs soaking wet and insecure, so I decided to embark on a journey of self-transformation.

Today, our team has coached, mentored and trained hundreds of men and women who were tired of settling in their bodies and lives to become the best versions of themselves.

What you get

Receive all the components of a successful and long-term transformation.

Nutrition Plan and Coaching

so you know exactly what to do in the kitchen meaning you never have to stress about eating ever again or give up your favorite foods.

Workout Plan and Coaching

so you get a customized program that considers your goals, injuries, lifestyle and preferences which means every rep and set will make you literally leaner and more muscular.

4 Week Progress Check ins

so we can celebrate your progress and solve any diet or training issues that pop up meaning you’ll never be stuck again.

24-7 Access to Your Own Coach

for questions, support, motivation, exercise critiques, adjustments, and more which means you’ll never feel like you’re doing this all alone again.

Lifetimes Access to the Private Facebook Group

so that you can be supported and motivated by like-minded friends meaning you’ll be plugged into a community that always fires you up.

our community of haven warriors

so that you're surrounded by men and women who are on the same journey as you.

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The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Tanya Henriquez

Ariana neves

anonymous haven warrior

anonymous haven warrior

rosiane sigsmundo

enma banegas

jose privado

karla rojas

jorge tapia

Monica Briere

Yharii Quijada

Yazzlyn Torres

Jorge Arias

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Wilbert Almanzar

Anonymous Haven Warrior

Anonymous Haven Warrior

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Brian Molina

Daisy James

Laura Caicedo

Ama Adonor

Neena Cardona

YOU - Future haven warrior



Is this only for women?

Nope. We slimdown women and we SHRED men :).


What times are the workouts?

Monday through Friday 6AM – 11AM and 4PM  – 8PM. Saturdays 9AM – 12PM.


Is this just to lose weight? I'm trying to gain weight, can you help me?

Yes! Whatwe expect is for you to gain 7-10lbs in the first 6 weeks.


I have low back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, etc... can I still sign up?

During our Transformation Call our Head Coach Bismark will screen and decide with you whether you should or shouldn’t sign up. Make sure to book it above!


Can I do this with a friend? Don't want to do it alone :(.

Definately! Talk to Coach Bismark about the referral discount :).


Habla español?

¡Claro que si!

6 week Guarantee

If you show up to all the workouts, answer all the texts and follow the nutrition plan and for whatever reason you don't lose the weight and aren't satisfied, next 6 weeks are free and on us :). Sign up today!